Found my voice- played my own game and “dug deep down to the bottom of my soul and I cried.” Unlike Morales in “A Chorus Line,” who felt nothing, I felt everything. My personal expose through a panoply of song. My take away is my words rang true for so many of you. Through my 99 posts I ran the gamut from immense joy to crying intensely with pen in hand. Music, grandchildren, some politics, disappointment in family connections, conversely penetrating love for family. I named it, felt it and streamlined my blog through my distinguishable voice. As I reach a milestone b-day this year I accomplished a long sought after goal. This makes my 100th post. Phew! The pleasure was all mine. On the precipice of publishing a grouping of them I blush to myself. The process lifted me up, brought me to my knees. I’m more focused as I fine tuned my priorities in therapy like fashion. I examined and roto rootered what makes me tick and what role sublime plays in my story. Apparently lot’s of our stories. 

I am leaving nothing for the swim back. The intermix of inspiration, reprimand and determination, left no room for resignation. I delighted with pride in the responses, followers and admiration my words received. It reinforced how so not alone I am in so many values, beliefs and expectations. Poetic license allowed me to be braver than I am. I undressed my soul through bringing my inner most configurations public. I am cool with being liked and cooler with not caring how big my proverbial Rolodex is. My anthropological side (lol)-came to full expression. I amazed myself through remembering almost every word to so many T.V. show’s introductory songs. Really, you try it. Can’t believe how readily I remembered That Girl meeting Rhoda to share Car 54– the Uber ride of the 60’s. My knowledge of musical tunes from the American songbook era, rock and roll show tunes and the beat goes on… astounded me. Prolific in minutia. My compilations of memories helped to heal my soul in chicken soup fashion.

I shared memories of old school day friends and it helped strengthen our hearts. I taped into present day dilemma’s and how everything old is new again. Through my writing adventure, I exhumed memories of my parents and primordial family with euphoric recall. I prioritized, internalized and like a piano with 88 keys some of my scripting, although different in song, sounded alike. 

So here I am a 100 blog poster. I look forward to my publication. I will be in Jerusalem on my b-day this year. I will stand at the wailing wall, thank my lucky stars, because I so well know, now more than ever- through every run on sentence- I never walked alone. It’s a wrap!

Our Country is having a Heat Wave!

Puligny Montrachet with Union Square berries, flowers, peaches, corn, shishito peppers, with fresh (if you’ve got it—thyme on your side.) Agata’s Mozzarella (best ever- well one of them)— clarifications count except for your feelings. Those don’t have to have rhyme – come on get happy, or the sound of reason. We mourn and cry for the world that was so much different than the days of skate keys, dippity do straighteners, the 74 bus to the Montauk Theater, Red Chimney hamburgers- miss them so…How about Awful, Awfuls at Bonds, ice cream from Applegates- and Sunday dinners at the Clairmont. Oh, remiss if I didn’t mention the Friday nights at the Bonfire. If the guy you liked gave you his I.D. Bracelet well you could call Sargent Krumpke and tell him Conrad just proposed to you. What we would do to get “one last kiss, oh give me one last kiss from Conrad Birdie? We loved those Days of Wine and Roses when The Bird’s gave us our first Hitchcock drink and we were binge watch hooked from the “Rear Window.” 

And then we took a seat and watched the world collapse in disaray squared. 

What was your defining moment? Last week we watched a concert at a venue we frequent often for music we love. At the end of this concert we were told not to leave, the doors are locked. The bomb squad was outside making certain the suspicious box they found was not a bomb. The doors opened and it wasn’t as simple as that? Dr. Strangelove knew when Sterling Hayden, the General of the army in charge of the air base started the war. He knew not to leave the decisions up to distracted Politicians. They didn’t have the ability nor the understanding as to how War begins. When candidates who never got over the fact that whatever he did his father( the consummate fibisiner) would always blame his success on the lucky sperm club. Or perhaps a women who married a guy who became President of The United States of America. Worst case scenario he found someone else for a moment that lasted her lifetime.

So for all Kissinger’s gravitas and Sechele he never ran for President. In the mixture of life on life’s terms, beshart, and what could have been would a difference have occurred? 

So grabbing moments when you find happy places, whenever you do—tempus fugit. Pull up a chair, listen closely and don’t wait for gray skies to clear up to “put on a happy face.”

Summer in a Song-

Summertime and the living is easy, fish are jumping and the cotton is high. After A Hard Day’s Night – I want Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a Splendor in the Grass chaser. As I approach the Autumn of my Youth- I ask “What kind of fool am I?” “I want to come home to you and find the things that you do will make me feel alright”ah! Paul . So as we roll out the hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer, the days of soda and pretzels and beer, (well maybe Tito’s), I’d like to go to the”drive- in on Friday nights.” As we see the pyramids along the Nile, standing near “Moon River” we feel grateful to be out of the “heat wave.” Could this be magic, as the lion sleeps tonight in the jungle, the mighty jungle? Who knows, could be it’s only just out of reach down the block, on a beach, under a tree. Tonight? We call on wishful thinking as we put on our yellow polka dot bikini and set our sights on the beach boys. We find ourselves dancing in the streets, eating icicles, popsicles and simply remember our favorite things. Are there lilac trees in the heart of town. Can your hear a lark in any other part of town? Does enchantment pour out of every door no it’s just on the street where you live. Wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky we can fly, we can fly. Girl, I heard you’re getting married, heard you’re getting married this time you’re really sure. So, we’re going to the chapel of love. Love summer weddings. We are the lucky ones, some people never get to do all we got to do, now and forever I will always think of you. It only takes a moment for your eyes to meet and then it only takes a moment to be loved a whole life long. So let’s get those good vibrations, cause G- d only knows at any point, in the still of the night – tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun.

Go to Laughter

A bff, a bestie new lingo for “Us.” The long ago’s and far away’s but always close at heart ring true for us. We’ve been walking the path of life together since 7th grade. Holy mackerel Andy. Yes, back in the days of Amos, Andy and Calhoun. Who else remembers Calhoun? So, we sat down and shared a table one of 100,000 others, no exaggerations, we’ve shared before. 53 years later makes us manage more years than we can count, albeit, we can count on them. One night, many years back we got sandwiches and mozied over to the now closed Ziegfield movie theater. We got tickets to sit for 227 minutes watching Lawrence of Arabia. We got more sushes as we chatted through a long desert scene. Interesting note there were there no speaking parts for the women in the entire movie.

Fast forward or my run ons could run away- to Wednesday night together. When our Via car dropped us off right on the corner of the Gotham Comedy Club the evening began. We know each other’s innuendos and have watched each other’s clocks tick through biology long enough to never have to fill in the blanks. We got our table, order the first of our two drink minimum and told each other how good we look. We were there to watch a Ladies of Laughter Competition. The contestants spanned every age we have shared together. The topics they addressed were timely for their stage at the moment. We listened and laughed as the funny ladies addressed the joys and disappointments of dating, raising teenagers and the color of braces. We heard complaints about messy husbands and the woes of being teachers. Bruce Jenner was top of mind and everyone applauded his choice to become one of “us.” The older contestants went on about spanx and silencing cell phones when you can’t find the off switch. So we laughed or didn’t during the night. Nonetheless one more evening added to the encyclopedia of “Us.”

“But we’ll meet the year we’re sixty-two- And travel the world as old friends do- And tell each other what we’ve been. Our love is rare, life is strange. Nothing lasts, people change- Old friend.” Lyrics by Michael Feinstein. So we laughed or didn’t- embraced our history and paid for our two drink minimum. We are experiencing the glow of the aftermath of our race won. Starting the day with kindness.

Not Only on Sunday

Where’s the down side? check around, look under the couch and if the coast is clear – Just do it! With no ulterior motive or forethought give the extra hug, go the extra mile and use the dishes sequestered on the top shelf. Waiting for?? Mae West got it right ” too much of a good thing is wonderful. Abandon the old white blouse, FYI – it’s yellow by now. The shoes still in boxes- put on band aids and break them in. You’re saving that bottle of champagne you got for your b-day? Drink it- celebrate and then do it again. Rainy days come often so in- between raindrops buy your favorite tin of whatever, just because. Hey here comes the sun. Keep your morale up you’ll need it for that rainy day that will come again soon enough. Carpe Diem, week and month. And- while you are on a roll vow to negate the negatives and subscribe to the positives. Fear and trepidation are doing push ups in the hallway- so turn up the music. “When you get caught between the moon and New York City- the best that you can do is fall in love.” Not Only on Sunday- sure dig in!

A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare

Leonard Zelig was the “chameleon disorder man,” fictitiously conceived and played by Woody Allen in his 1983 movie Zelig. This brilliant take on individuality and one’s need to fit in is up on top of our long list of Woody’s films.. On demand it if you can. It is the carrier of the message stay true to who you are. Once you find your “happy,” make it your most gorgeous look. Zelig was a New York guy who had a unique talent for mimicry. He was Mr. No Personality of his own so he adopted the look and adapted to the persona of whoever he was with. It is at the nexus of America’s melting pot theory. All for one and one for all. Fast forward to today, yesterday and all the feared tomorrow’s. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Who next? All the news we watch now is Breaking News. Our country is amongst the potpourri spilling fuel into the sea of life. Help us please! We are bleeding in a cluster of copycat crimes. With no end in sight we lack the skills to cauterize the flow of mass murders. 

Gun laws changed, punishments more severe, check points on every corner? 

In Zelig like imitation put yourself in the place of a black, white, pink or purple woman- packing lunch for her kids, adding a fruit bar and pressing her lips to their foreheads. “See you after school- I’ll be in front waiting.” The waiting turns into the never agains. Unimaginable and devastating.

With fear and outrage we start the week-end. We mourn the victims of lost wars and their families. 

We are in combat with rapid fire repetition. With no holds barred our country is in a state of collapsing values and standards. Open fire is traipsing in in prodigious proportions. The infernal aperture in our hearts remain in constant mourning for a safe time lost. So Zelig can you become better differentiated? Turn into your own person and be the anomalie to the completion at the starting line about to become our new leader. 

The Theft of Time

Dear Columbo- we are having a conundrum of sorts. We need your help in solving the mystery of misplaced time. We know it was here somewhere close and yet it flew by. If only we can feign absentmindedness as well as you. The early years we recall euphorically and with more clarity than yesterday’s lunch. The toys we played with, the pyramids along the Nile we heard about in song and the exact spot where we did homework still top of mind. Our Saturday’s in high school buying bangle bracelets at Ginsburgs and Wechlers after lunch at Wassers. Miss those French fries. Of course the day to days of our jobs and hard earned pay/commissions -we are still with you. All the backgammon games at Cavallero’s and dancing on the crowded floor at Studio 54, we can still turn that beat around. Not sure how we arrived home pre-Uber days and woke up in our own beds- but against all odds. Of course, yes, our share houses on Fire Island and in the Hamptons. Hazy days of summer to say the least.

Still there? Weddings, babies, watching school plays our #niecestopieces starred in, indeed. Except how did it get to them having babies of their own? Easily remember Thanksgivings, Chanukah and birthdays. No, it’s more a case that the long ago’s and far aways are accumulating into decades. So Peter Falk when you’re trying to figure out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar- please give us some answers about all the years. As we debrief our time thru picture albums and how we looked in madras shirts and tennis sweaters we remember the fun, the glory days and our first hang over. But Columbo where did 37-52 yrs.old go?

“Yes G-d father-time I’ve come to ask a favor on the day of your daughter’s wedding.”

Can you please slow down. My friend’s are having milestone b-days, we are going to bar mitzvahs of friend’s grandchildren and our young nieces are having babies of their own. We would take back our own good and not so good luck. Wouldn’t change much about fate and how it has unfurled. But for heaven’s sake the only thing we want to be binge watch are the shows we taped. So Columbo, “one more thing,” exactly what were you wearing under the famed raincoat?

July- let’s do it!

Become one of a kind. As life changes on a dime position yourself to be standing on yours. Some of the feedback about my writing centers around the difficulties I present. Well yeah, they intermingle in a more pronounced way as this booming process moves forward–at least for my group. Considering our health is in tact- with an occasional bellyache, the beginning of a cataract or an annoying allergy in our playing field-my take away is we are sailing, soaring and flourishing. Never am I presenting doom and gloom with no up side in the final act. As someone who has turned the simplest events into happenings, I have seen my share of both sides now. How bout framing a small picture of your guests and have it serve as their place cards at a dinner party? Why not make cookies laced with jokers for mah jongg parties and give them as favors? Figure out your grandchildren’s long suits- embellish them with sticker projects, planting watermelon seeds on your terrace and yes, go on the rollercoaster at Playland. The spinning lasts a lifetime in their minds. Give your all and get out of your own way. Set up the lemonade stand, decorate it with a great antique amber and etched glass vase and add vodka to taste. When Jonathan Scwartz was on the radio I heard a song I have carried with me in my emotional Rolodex. I scroll down from time to time and call on it when needed. Lyrics are by Michael H. Golden, music by Billy Barnes. And I quote- ” I wanted the music to play on forever- I wanted the clown to be constantly clever. “Have I stayed too long at the fair?” Don’t over stay your welcome. Learn the lesson and pay it forward. If you think giving isn’t the best reward- you are not following the instructions. 

How deep judgements, how strong forgiveness? It simply feels better to take the high road- plus there is much less traffic up there. Somatizing makes ur belly ache more. Let people you care for know how you feel and make them feel good. Find your eight card fits and hold on for dear life. Be moonstruck by shooting stars. All Pipe Dreams perhaps, but come on the fireworks are coming on Monday. When someone tells you they love you every time you say good-bye and you have a who loves who more contest- call it a delightful stand off and walk away the boss of your well being. Happy to the 4th.