July- let’s do it!

Become one of a kind. As life changes on a dime position yourself to be standing on yours. Some of the feedback about my writing centers around the difficulties I present. Well yeah, they intermingle in a more pronounced way as this booming process moves forward–at least for my group. Considering our health is in tact- with an occasional bellyache, the beginning of a cataract or an annoying allergy in our playing field-my take away is we are sailing, soaring and flourishing. Never am I presenting doom and gloom with no up side in the final act. As someone who has turned the simplest events into happenings, I have seen my share of both sides now. How bout framing a small picture of your guests and have it serve as their place cards at a dinner party? Why not make cookies laced with jokers for mah jongg parties and give them as favors? Figure out your grandchildren’s long suits- embellish them with sticker projects, planting watermelon seeds on your terrace and yes, go on the rollercoaster at Playland. The spinning lasts a lifetime in their minds. Give your all and get out of your own way. Set up the lemonade stand, decorate it with a great antique amber and etched glass vase and add vodka to taste. When Jonathan Scwartz was on the radio I heard a song I have carried with me in my emotional Rolodex. I scroll down from time to time and call on it when needed. Lyrics are by Michael H. Golden, music by Billy Barnes. And I quote- ” I wanted the music to play on forever- I wanted the clown to be constantly clever. “Have I stayed too long at the fair?” Don’t over stay your welcome. Learn the lesson and pay it forward. If you think giving isn’t the best reward- you are not following the instructions. 

How deep judgements, how strong forgiveness? It simply feels better to take the high road- plus there is much less traffic up there. Somatizing makes ur belly ache more. Let people you care for know how you feel and make them feel good. Find your eight card fits and hold on for dear life. Be moonstruck by shooting stars. All Pipe Dreams perhaps, but come on the fireworks are coming on Monday. When someone tells you they love you every time you say good-bye and you have a who loves who more contest- call it a delightful stand off and walk away the boss of your well being. Happy to the 4th.

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