Nostalgia as a Cure

Rise early, have a tan, collect things and have hobbies. Advice imparted many years back by an older, wise gentle person who wreaked with gravitas. So I started collecting book marks. It all began as a kid when we drove to Florida and stopped at South of the Border in South Carolina. It was plastic and had a picture of a sombrero. I added two more one from Williamsburg Virgiinia with a picture of our founding fathers. My third came from a school trip to Old Museum Village in Monroe, New York. That one I clipped to the top of the page of my Nancy Drew adventure.

On a random rainy day when I feel I’ve lost my place in my book I look through my collections. Flipping pages to see what happened next, albeit antiquated is still my choice of read. The absence of loosing battery, with no clicks or beeps and nothing to plug in to find out if the protagonist gets pulled over on the road for texting is my slow down, regroup time.  I pause the haunting thoughts, turn the beat around and as my Bubby would say, “look the other way mamala.” Metaphorically with the rapid pace of the progression of time, on the days that feel endless with emotional clutter how cool would it be if in an etch a sketch erase style we could come up with a resolve. In Louis Armstrong’s “wonderful world” when he heard babies cry and watched them grow he knew they’d learn more than he’d ever know and he said to himself “what a  wonderful world.” So here’s to the days before unplugging, rebooting, memes, twittering, emoticons or cyber bullying. As the dots come dancing in response to a text, sometimes hours later, with no audible voice, no inflections and a smiley face replacing a giggle I pray for the millennial’s and our grandchildren a collection of bookmarks where they can find their place even if their battery wears out.

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Take care of something before it gets harder to. Teeth cleaned by a hygienist and skin moisturized in your 20’s and 30’s etc. Don’t fall! Follow through on projects, job searching and doctor follow ups. As a warrior of aging I learned a lot of stuff. Some good, some not. Still learning that everyone wants to be valued, not just bottom lined. People value what is real. Pay a little more attention. Use your talents. They’re real and important. They give you a head start on a leg up. Legs up are good luck.  Take advantage of peek moments. 

You get to start before the whistle blows. And Luck can never be overestimated.  Does it always work out? No! The things  on Jerry Springer are life’s hyperboles at their worst.. The things that continually warm your heart, and make you feel like you never get enough of, well… sign up for 10 years at a time. When you get the chance to experience “proud” let the buttons pop on your shirt. Feeling proud adds healthy time, and you’ll need it. Find out what you’re capable of and double down. Vast and joyful are destinations. Prop yourself up with things that add to your  physical and emotional strength. Make dinner parties, feed people and use your good China. Portion control your obsessions. And then keep doing what you are doing because Whose Life is it Anyway?

Let Us Grandparent You!Curriculum Vitae

Full service grandchild care- services include – pick ups and drop offs- after school activities in family friendly, child proof home.  Full supplies available for afternoon of fun. We sport 600 magna tiles, Hundreds of planes, trains and automobiles. Dolls, stuffed animals and sticker books galore. Includes, varied snacks and apple juice. Easy dinner if you are working late. Example -veggie nuggets and penne with pasta sauce secreto a la Gino’s style- a big hit. We offer art lessons-and school art project help. We instruct in mixed media, collage lessons, design your own place mats, write a short story. We’ll escort your child to hockey, tennis lessons, basketball and cheer from the sidelines. As experienced gardeners we offer instructions in basic planting on our terrace. Overnight to sunflowers. All ages welcomed. 12 plus years full time, hands on experience. References upon request- includes reviews from satisfied and happy to return often clients. 

Call us – it couldn’t hurt. 1-800 Grand-Parents!

Positions available- experience in loving children. Our motto “we wish this on everyone.”

Find your seat- it was meant to be!

When people are your acquaintances- the bar is lowered, whether or not the expectations are high as a kite. When family members are of acquaintance status you need to shift gear, reel back in and take a layer off cause no matter what you’re gonna sweat. Wow, so much for all your first friends. Can’t like it, don’t dig it, will never understand it. I thought it was a built in I have your back and you have mine. Ok then we move to the next room, forget the next table. We learn to put on protective gear, don’t forget a helmet. We check for spiders, boogeymen under the bed and check the yes column for false hopes. The meant to be’s kick out and you learn to expect a substitute teacher daily. Time has a way of one day propelling us forward and the meant to be’s show up with babka and hugs. Embrace the peeps who stay by choice. Expectations are overrated at any age!

Go, Go, Go away-come again – never!

Dear Stress-  You’ve had your way with us. We caved, gave in and took the stomach issue that was on your “shiz” list. The ravage that you create by just showing up and worming your creepy little self into us is disgusting. Just for today we got it under control. We are kinda done with the good and the bad. Bring on the good. We’ll begin with a pastrami on rye, well done fries. Dessert- a ring-ding, a yodel, a couple of yellow peeps, some red licorice and a large yoo- hoo. The only doctor we want to see at our proverbial table is Dr. Brown. He promised to be bring the diet cherry soda. Btw we’ll have a side of Beach with that. Buy the daffodils and make it a good one! Hope to see you at Rutt’s later.