Back in Business

You bring me up with predictability. Always there to add to a good time. You have helped to make the simplest events happenings. In big celebrations you know how to join a room and get everyone up there doing the hokey pokey. When I’ve needed you most you came through. It was clearly love at first sight. You are my go to as you ask nothing in return. You listen without judgement and you know I always do my best. When we are together I let you boss me around. My biggest responsibility when we meet up is not to fall or make a fool of myself. Anytime I’ve dared to abuse you, I woke up with extreme regrets and vowed to never do it again. Whatever I adorn you with is just fine. A lemon, an olive you’re cool, you know who you are. At times when I have been fickle, you waited and knew your appeal would win out. Thank you for adding a dimension to my life that I can return to happily. And you know what, you were right when the tough get going let it be, they were not part of the Plan A that were getting the seat when my music stopped anyway. #Stoli you rock!

Memories May Be beautiful and yet…

Dear Facebook, Just when I think my memory might be lapsing a bit you bring it back for me. Quite frankly I don’t love everything about your persona, for sure. However, you are spot on with spreading the news that’s fit to print. And— then we learn much more than we need to know. Various brands of diapers, who got food poisoning and reminders of the dress we wore to the prom that we never loved to begin with we could have skipped. Shout out to Gail Kuritsky Kwiat. Mea culpa, our political stance is over done and well cooked. Not going there- ugh! 

Our Julia’s were a spinoff of high school dejavu. My niece Ali got to tell her story and spread extremely important news about Planned Parenthood and healthcare. Love you dear Nini girl with all my heart. And just today the picture below popped up on my page of Alexei from several years back. With a mixed bag of emotions, in an inquisitive way, we open you up to see what is happening in our immediate population of 400 people plus. And now on to Instagram and words with friends. Let’s do it Monday!

On A Clear Day…

Dear Stress     You’ve had your way with  us. We caved, gave in and took the stomach issue that was on your “shiz” list. The ravages that you create by just showing up and worming your creepy little self into us is disgusting. Just for today we got it under control. We are kinda done with the good and the bad. We’ll begin with a pastrami on rye, well done fries. The only doctor We want to see at our proverbial table is Dr. Brown. He promised to be bring the diet cherry soda. Btw We’ll have a side of Beach with that. Make it a good one!