Not Only on Sunday

Where’s the down side? check around, look under the couch and if the coast is clear – Just do it! With no ulterior motive or forethought give the extra hug, go the extra mile and use the dishes sequestered on the top shelf. Waiting for?? Mae West got it right ” too much of a good thing is wonderful. Abandon the old white blouse, FYI – it’s yellow by now. The shoes still in boxes- put on band aids and break them in. You’re saving that bottle of champagne you got for your b-day? Drink it- celebrate and then do it again. Rainy days come often so in- between raindrops buy your favorite tin of whatever, just because. Hey here comes the sun. Keep your morale up you’ll need it for that rainy day that will come again soon enough. Carpe Diem, week and month. And- while you are on a roll vow to negate the negatives and subscribe to the positives. Fear and trepidation are doing push ups in the hallway- so turn up the music. “When you get caught between the moon and New York City- the best that you can do is fall in love.” Not Only on Sunday- sure dig in!

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