A night like last…terra firma

I love tapping into “us” in our shorthand language. A minute turns into our lifetime. Minutes not fleeting as they become etched somewhere in our hour glass of never ending sand time. Wishful thinking – as that’s how so many evolved dreams begin, albeit  seldom seen through to reality. Here’s to always opening our door on the coattails of closings. 1967.

The Night is Young…

Norman Lear’s line in Carl Reiner’s documentary on aging “If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast,” says so much. His credo is find your “hammock” and live in the “now.” As he sees it the transition of time in between the “ok it’s over, to what’s next, is when his productivity kicked in. 

HBO launched the show, catch it if you can. Mel Brooks is funny, Dick Van Dyke dances, Norman Lear is brilliant,  Carl Reiner hosts. They are all Nonagenarians.

A big take away message is if you spend too much time working off disappointments and complications you will be one miserable soul. Excuses hold no water when they are used without discretion. Limiting your “woe is me’s” gives you more time to go for the gold. Get hugged, get attention where the tariff is reciprocal and strong. “And I love you so.”

The future might be an assumption but when you “find yourself in times of trouble ,” find your version of Mother Mary and become the ambassador of your estate. One thing the long “livers”had in common, whether or not eat chopped “liver” and french fries was a mainstay, is that they fell in love with lots of things. They attached passion to many things a lot. Cole Porter, hit it- “The night is young, the skies are clear/ So if you want to go walking dear. / It’s delightful, its de-lovely, its delirious. Shout out to Yo for the blog title. Make it a good one!

“Light up the Sky like a Flame”

Dear G-d- I hope your plan is bigger than my dream. When you can’t see you can see even more. When the debris floats to the top and you are making your way through murky waters remembering what you didn’t do for others is tantamount to collecting injustices. High road always has less traffic. Can’t get to the good for a split second in time, rather than getting nailed in place go to neutral. Often you won’t make decisions in neutral that you will regret after the storm. Working off mistakes and living through complications either takes you down or adds another flower to your branch, another branch to your trunk. With an added ring at your base, you have the opportunity to stand taller, breathe deeper and embrace adversity as a growth spurt. We may not live forever but learning how to fly gives you your own sense of “Fame.”