A Time For Every Season

Gardening situates you in a different kind of time, the antithesis of the agitating present of social media. Time becomes circular, not chronological; minutes stretch into hours; some actions don’t bear fruit for decades. The gardener is not immune to attrition and loss, but is daily confronted by the ongoing good news of fecundity. A peony returns, alien pink shoots thrusting from bare soil. The fennel self-seeds; there is an abundance of cosmos out of nowhere.

Keep it Simple!

Carl Spielvogel, marketing wunderkind died this week after living 92 creative and grand years. His words. He was vice chairman of one of the world’s largest advertising conglomerates. He and a colleague and friend Bill Backer eventually opened Backer and Spielvogel. They both possessed boutique attitudes about personal service and ran a miniature super-agency. One of Bill Backers large accounts was Coca Cola. He co-wrote the hymn “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony),” which he turned into “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke and Keep it Company.” A favorite slogan hanging in their offices was, “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.”

My opportune take off to the tune of “ I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing…”

We got to build our world a home and furnish it with love.

We hold the kids so close to heart and cherish them through the years

We get to watch them grow and grow

While standing by their side

They play and eat the snacks they choose with hugs from deep inside.

Grew flowers, veggies, a fruit or two while planting all the seeds.

Club Gomberg got a view of “Grands”

Who made sure there were no weeds.

We build magna tiles to the sky

Draw pictures of our dreams.

Grabbed the time we had to watch a movie on tv.

We got to hear the world we built

As they echoed through our halls.

We built memories while having fun

Created through the years

   We’d like to teach the world to sing

The lyrics to our song

Our pictures encased in frames of life so powerful and strong.

I’m not crying, you’re 😢 crying!

What’s too Painful to remember…one year ago today!

People complaining on social media about things being canceled due to Covid. ….. I wish you could see what we see on a daily basis. #countyourblessings#endrant
My precious 28 year old niece is a trauma unit nurse at Westchester Medical Center. She excels at what she does and was assigned to help run the Covid Unit when this pandemic exploded. This was her post (see above) today at lunchtime on social media when she took a break from adjusting the percentage of air flow into her patients lungs who breathe because of a machine. Without explanation further- we all know the limitations and change of life lifestyle we have succumbed to because of this virus. So stop complaining when the brand of hand wipes you ordered was substituted with another one or your canasta game was kicked off line because of high volume. Oh -and while we are all taking precautions in whatever way we find comforting or respectful, so as to not spread the virus, let’s understand that we are all gropping in the dark trying to do the best we can to work toward the same goal. Safe and sound in whatever way we can. All for one and one for all. Forgive everyone everything- especially now. The disease is killing us as a nation, lend a hand whenever you can.

Monday, Monday

Some people gnaw away at you with a subtle approach.
While others clobber you over the head and if you allow it, drill a hole through your skull. The constant through this pandemic was dodging poisonous venom with no preparation. After we have been washed to shore with an increment of safety our lesson is to listen to how people treat us and watch their words. It is one in the same however it is phrased. Walking on eggshells and holding your breath is a full time job. Just for today brush the pandemic dust off, side swap your fears and find the golden leaf to turn over. Curate your opportunity for a happy day now that the world is less threatening. Let’s do it Monday. I’m not pensive you are!

Eve of Destruction

Dear Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Through the beauty of your masks
We hear your message loudly
As you’re Organizing “our” House
You are loaded with compassion

NaySayers need not agree
Assembling a party
Which all the world will see
The right from wrong’s the premise
Jumping ahead at the start
You’ve been up on the podium
Indeed you’re oh, so Smart!
Ambition mixed with Sechel
An elixir for defeat
Shift gears to desperation
The helm is at your feet
With gunshots screaming murder
We need you something fierce
Move the laws for carrying weapons
As the shower of arrows of death transpierce.

Make Hay While The Sun Shines!

In the year of turning 70- this post has a ring to it fervently.

I hope when I read this at 90, G-d willing, I am smiling. I pray that I used up whatever talents I had. I’ll then know my soul was soothed along the way by the things that gave me satisfaction. Whether it was a piece of writing, doing an art project or cooking a couple of great meals I will be happy knowing I did these things over and over again. Please let my loved ones outlive me. Biding adieu to the precious people who helped my heart skip beats would be treacherous. An octave of my music stopped every time I lost someone- the pain excruciating. Selfish, albeit protective. When my time with someone was up I hope I knew when to walk away. In turn, I hope I quickly saw their part in my journey was completed when they walked. Lingering wasted time- to be sad was not to be productive. Perhaps I learned a lesson, or just my share of bad luck. When given the chance to assist those who were less fortunate I would like to be reading that I paid it forward. Whether it was a hand me down of medical experience or protecting a beloved through a stormy moment; I hope I gave it with love and honesty. I hope my relationship with my sister’s ultimately became very good for longer than it wasn’t so good. I loved them indeed. I hope my husband got that I did my best as a refugee of lost wars emotionally. I hope he felt the love through my actions. I pray my nieces knew my love for them was fierce in every way. I can’t imagine our grandchildren won’t just know how much they helped make my life wonderful. As I am reading this fast forward- my desire is to see that I made people laugh. Perhaps not everyone got my humor or saw the funny as I did- but I loved to laugh and got a kick out of silly. I know it kept me healthier and happier then be-moaning a fate not loaned to me. 

As far as jealousy, I hope I recognized how blessed I was. No one gets it all, but I believe I had a dose of great that propped up the not so great. If I hurt people’s feelings I hope they knew it was out of insecurity and with no malice or forethought. If I am reading that I became a fan of exercise, ate more vegetables and bettered impulse control I will be thrilled.

With all this said I hope that I found a place in my charity of choice where a good deal of who I was lingered. Giving was more rewarding than receiving. Carrying that thought with me allowed for the powerful self concept that kept me focused on the prize of my Life! And if I am unable to read this I hope one of you are reading it to me. I held you dear.

Philip Mountbatten RIP

Her Majesty the Queen aka “Cabbage” to her Prince

Lost the charm on her arm, now a huge major miss

99 years strong, 73 the Queen’s consort

Third cousins as they were, ruled the highest of courts

The Royal Navy was his calling

Through the Second World War

Irascible and tough minded, never the bore

For seven Decades plus the Duke of Edinburgh was anointed

The man of “her” hour he was happily appointed

The horses and corgis took mere second place

As the grandkids walked in and put the smile on his face

Can only suppose the regime at Balmoral

Became much less stuffy with Prince Philip as the corporal

Her Majesty, the Queen was married when a Princess

Will cantor through life with the status of Prince-less. Bh

Accentuate The Positive

Alexa -play “G-d Bless America”- written by Irving Berlin.

From the mountains to the prairies

To the Ocean white with foam

G-d Bless America our home sweet home.”

On the last day of Passover as Easter bunnies hide eggs

We jump ahead to school openings in-spite of the dread

In light of the maelstrom of danger at our door

With zeal and determination leave worries on the cutting floor

So lets fry up the matzoh with the eggs from the ground

Weave tales for the kiddies of love pure and sound Spring Season’s upon us, dreams waiting to come true We add a new reason, a purpose to renew

Flip the energy to positive and move right along Don’t sweat the small stuff, just dream up a song

Lace your sneakers, grab your hoodies, go take a walk

Bring a racquet and a frisbee and even some chalk We can hopscotch our way to fun days ahead

Empty all the cobwebs, that are stuck in our head

Inspire one another as merrier is more

Now turn up the music, throw a steak on the grill With one life to live this is no fire drill

Come one, come all, we are in this together

With real hope on the way make the hashtag #morebetter.

Make it a good Sunday “Peeps.”