Alexei sailed straight to the top
His praises we will sing.
The day was clearly perfect,
You didn’t miss a thing.
The splendor of the moment
Leaves us breathless as we glow
The nachas and the wonderment
On our faces it does show.
You raised a boy so tender
His values deep and strong.
A culminating day, center stage he did belong.
He owned his place in manhood,
The boy he leaves behind
A warmer and loving menschkit.
Would be very hard to find.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats!

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats!

Our lower school memories of the sugar cube vaccinations, TB skin tests, when a small amount of tuberculin was injected into the skin, (as we waited a day or two to see the results on our arms) and finger prick blood tests were what we knew. Our children and grandchildren have a much heavier load as masks, mandates and deleterious effects of the Pandemic are their mainstay- for now. The days of you can’t hug your grandparents from the waist up because you could transmit “corona” hopefully are fading and will hold.

Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Our young, formative, developmental years were spent during the 1960’s. Knee socks, tennis sweaters, madras blouses, crinolines, helancas, mary janes patent leather and capezio shoes, loden coats, pea jackets and wrangler dungarees were our go tos. We were taught to take the right action and let go of the results. Respect your elders, do unto others, lend a helping hand, sell girl scout cookies, collect for The March of Dimes-basic adages that started on our front lawn in front of our white house. Destroyed norms of human behavior were unimaginable as we stood stalwart and pledged allegiance with presidential reverence. Our battery operated toys, playing clue, monopoly and the game of Life excluded the possibility of getting carpal tunnel, tendonitis or suffering from the results of social isolation. So for today let’s professionally clean up our own acts, stop pointing fingers and make sure the days of leaving someone out are professionally cleaned from memory.