“If Only in My Dreams”

Oatmeal, cottage cheese with coffee yogurt and bran, or 1/2 bagel with muenster for breakfast. Turkey with cole slaw on a wrap, a Chicken Caesar salad or an omelette with broccoli and cheddar for lunch. Dinner well, Carte Blanche to make the simplest event a happening. A regime, routine or any activity that offers stability and the sense of knowing is how we approach our days. 

The curves, the mishaps and the unexpected come at us with rapid fire speed as we boom. So we hold tight to the “predicables.”

We sat down at the round table, took our unassigned but close to where we sat before seats. The evening unfolded in pretty much the same way as it has now for the better part of three years. Hugs, catch ups, shared, “what have you been up to moments.” Treasured familiarity with the look how far we’ve come looks. One piece of difference as I saw it, was how much our Julia- ( Just Us Ladies into Aging) evenings have become the oatmeal, perhaps the chicken Caesar and with certainty the Carte Blanche choice at dinner, where the simplest of events have been embroidered into our lives as true Happenings. Make mine a double.

Another Day for Ice Cream After Dinner

Find your success early perhaps, but recognize it when it comes along. Consider late blooming as an option. Do what you like and do a lot of it. Lots of avenues one better fit. Bank on nothing- we are on our own missions. Take the hat when it is a matter of survival. Don’t give up on the dream that didn’t happen long ago. Some come with maturity and peace of mind. Then they are likely to stay,  your longer is limited. Figure it out. You’ve had 100 chances. Live within limitations and you end up on the same street. Yad Vashem remembrance tour today- when in Jerusalem go to the wall more than once. You never know who the guest speaker will be.

Our One Lifetime

From your perch with keen eyes, an open heart, in quiet observation. As the pieces on the board game of your world expanded and the trees came into leaf, you welcomed more thoughts deserving of process. The focus of community as family, one in the same. Interchangeable players formed a line and with abundance of spirit and thoughtfulness everyone became equal. The floodgates to your heart opened. A vast cavity to be filled and stretched passed boundless limits. You are one of a kind. As you know we all are. Come sit at my table, come raise a glass, here have a slice of life well healed. Profound and deep and connected to a harbinger of historical beginnings we walk along in unison. Different, albeit the same. With eyes and heart and the chance to make our lifetime filled with an abundance of meaning and lovingly displayed with grace.