The Theft of Time

Dear Columbo- we are having a conundrum of sorts. We need your help in solving the mystery of misplaced time. We know it was here somewhere close and yet it flew by. If only we can feign absentmindedness as well as you. The early years we recall euphorically and with more clarity than yesterday’s lunch. The toys we played with, the pyramids along the Nile we heard about in song and the exact spot where we did homework still top of mind. Our Saturday’s in high school buying bangle bracelets at Ginsburgs and Wechlers after lunch at Wassers. Miss those French fries. Of course the day to days of our jobs and hard earned pay/commissions -we are still with you. All the backgammon games at Cavallero’s and dancing on the crowded floor at Studio 54, we can still turn that beat around. Not sure how we arrived home pre-Uber days and woke up in our own beds- but against all odds. Of course, yes, our share houses on Fire Island and in the Hamptons. Hazy days of summer to say the least.

Still there? Weddings, babies, watching school plays our #niecestopieces starred in, indeed. Except how did it get to them having babies of their own? Easily remember Thanksgivings, Chanukah and birthdays. No, it’s more a case that the long ago’s and far aways are accumulating into decades. So Peter Falk when you’re trying to figure out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar- please give us some answers about all the years. As we debrief our time thru picture albums and how we looked in madras shirts and tennis sweaters we remember the fun, the glory days and our first hang over. But Columbo where did 37-52 yrs.old go?

“Yes G-d father-time I’ve come to ask a favor on the day of your daughter’s wedding.”

Can you please slow down. My friend’s are having milestone b-days, we are going to bar mitzvahs of friend’s grandchildren and our young nieces are having babies of their own. We would take back our own good and not so good luck. Wouldn’t change much about fate and how it has unfurled. But for heaven’s sake the only thing we want to be binge watch are the shows we taped. So Columbo, “one more thing,” exactly what were you wearing under the famed raincoat?

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