A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare

Leonard Zelig was the “chameleon disorder man,” fictitiously conceived and played by Woody Allen in his 1983 movie Zelig. This brilliant take on individuality and one’s need to fit in is up on top of our long list of Woody’s films.. On demand it if you can. It is the carrier of the message stay true to who you are. Once you find your “happy,” make it your most gorgeous look. Zelig was a New York guy who had a unique talent for mimicry. He was Mr. No Personality of his own so he adopted the look and adapted to the persona of whoever he was with. It is at the nexus of America’s melting pot theory. All for one and one for all. Fast forward to today, yesterday and all the feared tomorrow’s. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Who next? All the news we watch now is Breaking News. Our country is amongst the potpourri spilling fuel into the sea of life. Help us please! We are bleeding in a cluster of copycat crimes. With no end in sight we lack the skills to cauterize the flow of mass murders. 

Gun laws changed, punishments more severe, check points on every corner? 

In Zelig like imitation put yourself in the place of a black, white, pink or purple woman- packing lunch for her kids, adding a fruit bar and pressing her lips to their foreheads. “See you after school- I’ll be in front waiting.” The waiting turns into the never agains. Unimaginable and devastating.

With fear and outrage we start the week-end. We mourn the victims of lost wars and their families. 

We are in combat with rapid fire repetition. With no holds barred our country is in a state of collapsing values and standards. Open fire is traipsing in in prodigious proportions. The infernal aperture in our hearts remain in constant mourning for a safe time lost. So Zelig can you become better differentiated? Turn into your own person and be the anomalie to the completion at the starting line about to become our new leader. 

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