Who Will Live and Who Will Die?

מי יחיה ומי ימות

We can’t help but wonder is this how the world ends? In the book of job G-d is said to “direct his lightening to the ends of the earth.” It’s a poetic way of saying G-d is in charge everywhere. With a prodigious proportion of people falling deathly ill right in our backyard, the better safe than sorry adage was slipped, like a memo, under our front door. The two things you never want to hear from a doctor is” I have never heard of this before- and there is nothing we can do about it.” At the helm of our fate is a demonic behemoth holding the reigns to our destiny with no instinct on how to safely steer us to shore. With a pesty, independent, out of control trajectory we find ourselves dodging the fallout from this venomous alien. In a tag you’re it fashion, we can’t run, we can’t hide-fast enough. From moment to moment we are trying to navigate our not “new normal.”In the Book of Exodus, Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt to escape from the tyrannical pharaoh and find the Promised land. They follow him at first but it soon becomes clear that the journey will be far from straightforward. I pray there is a limit to our days of isolation. We will welcome the simple acts of an embrace hello, a click of a glass cheering to health first, or a stroll in the park less than 6 ft. apart. Mouth watering events we will never take for granted. James Lipton of the actors studio passed away several weeks ago. So James, now that you are behind the pearly gates can you get the one word G-d would hear us say when we get there to him beforehand. “SAFE”.