Our Country is having a Heat Wave!

Puligny Montrachet with Union Square berries, flowers, peaches, corn, shishito peppers, with fresh (if you’ve got it—thyme on your side.) Agata’s Mozzarella (best ever- well one of them)— clarifications count except for your feelings. Those don’t have to have rhyme – come on get happy, or the sound of reason. We mourn and cry for the world that was so much different than the days of skate keys, dippity do straighteners, the 74 bus to the Montauk Theater, Red Chimney hamburgers- miss them so…How about Awful, Awfuls at Bonds, ice cream from Applegates- and Sunday dinners at the Clairmont. Oh, remiss if I didn’t mention the Friday nights at the Bonfire. If the guy you liked gave you his I.D. Bracelet well you could call Sargent Krumpke and tell him Conrad just proposed to you. What we would do to get “one last kiss, oh give me one last kiss from Conrad Birdie? We loved those Days of Wine and Roses when The Bird’s gave us our first Hitchcock drink and we were binge watch hooked from the “Rear Window.” 

And then we took a seat and watched the world collapse in disaray squared. 

What was your defining moment? Last week we watched a concert at a venue we frequent often for music we love. At the end of this concert we were told not to leave, the doors are locked. The bomb squad was outside making certain the suspicious box they found was not a bomb. The doors opened and it wasn’t as simple as that? Dr. Strangelove knew when Sterling Hayden, the General of the army in charge of the air base started the war. He knew not to leave the decisions up to distracted Politicians. They didn’t have the ability nor the understanding as to how War begins. When candidates who never got over the fact that whatever he did his father( the consummate fibisiner) would always blame his success on the lucky sperm club. Or perhaps a women who married a guy who became President of The United States of America. Worst case scenario he found someone else for a moment that lasted her lifetime.

So for all Kissinger’s gravitas and Sechele he never ran for President. In the mixture of life on life’s terms, beshart, and what could have been would a difference have occurred? 

So grabbing moments when you find happy places, whenever you do—tempus fugit. Pull up a chair, listen closely and don’t wait for gray skies to clear up to “put on a happy face.”

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