The Way They Were!

So long to Marilyn Bergman- BH
“We found we must be more abstract when writing for film,” she said, “because film really speaks more to the preconscious part of the brain, the part of us that dreams.” RIP Marilyn Bergman.
Nothing will be the “Way it Was!” You were no “Ordinary Miracle.”
Certainly not in “The Windmills of our Mind.”

Cut to an evening spent at Carnegie Hall listening to Michael Feinstein croon the songs by Marilyn and Alan Bergman. “Never say Never Again.”

With fabulous spirits we danced the “oh, what a night away.” One more evening of “will you dance with me? The music started before we got there. As I put on eyeshadow and lip gloss I listened to Julie Andrews crooning to “On the Street Where You Live” and knew then “I could have “danced all night.” And we did! With our history of forever dance floors we stepped out, turned into our inner souls and boogie, oogie, oogied. A little, vodka -vu den? and some rack of lamb was the precursor to watching you both devour the bones and leave the meat and potatoes behind. It’s always amazing when I learn the same lesson twice. Last evening I was reminded how I will always have a song in my heart for you, as you both occupy a large part of it. The music may have stopped, but our melody lingers on.🙏

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