Dear Kindly Dr. Fauci,
We are here to check back in.
We are doubling down our pleading,
We really need this win.
The world’s in massive chaos,
Relaxed our protocol.
We need to get back with it,
Heading toward another fall.
With strength and determination,
We hope to win the race.
This virus has no limit,
Spreading at a very rapid pace.
The world has lost an order,
Losing our grip and fast.
Your team’s in rapid motion,
Working it en masse.
Words backed with so much knowledge, are proving to be true.
The virus will approach, not just a chosen few.
“I told you so” resonated loudly, we took you at your word.
Your conviction based on research,
Will help to get us “herd.”
So again we’re here pleading,
With one knee on the ground.
Please give us some direction, until some precedence is found.
Nothing short of masking,
We have followed the routine.
When we are out and about, no precaution in between.
As in “better safe than sorry,”
We will play by all the rules.
With thanks and clear devotion.
We’ll implement the tools.

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