Our new ho to Dumplings!

Our ability to discern what is safe and what’s not.
Holding tight to our senses as they fly in the wind,
Measures of safety, just won’t rescind.
With a leap of faith and every precaution we’ve been offered,
We put on our Canadian Goose
And attempt to break loose.
We get in the car, destination unknown.
We know we need to roam out of our home.
Getting darker a little later,
Counting days through the frost,
Praying Punxsutawney’s shadow, just won’t get lost.
We are looking toward March as it goes out like a lamb,
And in a bada bing moment,
Call in a Grand Slam.
As we get through the winter,
Building sandcastles in the air.
We are focusing on better.
Through another bad year.
Minimize the negative a feat unto its own.
We’ve been sitting and binging, since
“A Place to call Home.”
Our reserve close to empty,
Time to refuel,
This too shall get easier,
We’ve taken a pool.
Need a new hobby, a new skill to learn.
Back to the premise, our ability to discern.
Let’s do it Saturday!

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