Mazel Tov!! Bh

Dear Daren, I walk down memory lane, because I love running into you. So Jen and Ricky are having a wedding party. They are bringing your namesake, Julian Daren, (he’s very cute.) We were invited to join the celebration and we are going to dance the night away. Like we said as kids, “till the cow jumps over the moon.” Barbara and I have already talked about how we will bring our memories of you and our youth along that night. We will dress them up with style and panache. They will represent you properly and dance like you would, snapping your fingers and crooning to the music. The way you danced is a memory that has stuck in my head and is easily exhumed as if it were yesterday. We promise we’ll have fun and tell you over and over again how gorgeous Jen looks. Our imaging of you will add a glow and an over the top kvell of love and extreme pride. We truly believe you would love Ricky. He is a cool dude. He is handsome, kind and he loves Jen and Julian Daren something fierce. Remember that movie star kind of guy we would sing about yeah, well, perhaps prophetic, however- “he’s not bad.” Another one of our expressions when we would talk about “boys” we met. Anyway old friend, “Pinky swear” we will mix in nostalgia, smile big and dance like everyone is watching. We are bringing our piece of you next Saturday. You will recognize us- we will be sitting prominently next to one another, gasping on our astonishment at the wonder of your baby girl. You did better than good, dear Daren. Oh, btw- that movie star we would sing about, yep! you got that right it was your daughter after all. When I look at her I see you and it certainly feels well, like we never said goodbye. Love ya, Judy

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