Teach Your Children Well

We are proud to be Jewish
Traditional strong
Our heritage brings us to the place we belong
Our holiday feasts with candles, challah and soup
We sit as a family inviting strangers to our loop
Our world set on fire
When our people are hurt
Malicious and hate filled a.k.a. Dirt
We stand together and never alone
That extra mile we’ll go to reap what we’ve sewn
The proofs in the pudding
Our backs we will cover
As brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers
Hurt just one and you are hurting us all
Defending one another that is the call.

2 thoughts on “Teach Your Children Well

  1. Yes, even this card carrying agnostic connects to her Jewish heritage and background. And woe to anyone with even the slightest anti semitic bent. I belong to a loose ” tribe” of hikers. For the first time in 69 years I actually heard a Jewish “joke” I called her on it, and she read me the riot act, about ” everyone knowing Jews are cheap”.. Needless to say we are no longer speaking. Her fried also stopped speaking to me .Anti semitism is alive and well once you leave the apple.

    So what do you say we have lunch.The 2 of us, the 4 of us.. whatever. Monroe area, Westport area you name it.. M ________________________________


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