A Penny For Your Thoughts!

Dodging bullets as we are racing through moments in time. Carly Simon said it best.“All those crazy nights when I cried myself to sleep, Now melodrama never makes me weep anymore, Cause I haven’t got time for the pain, Haven’t got room for the pain.”As upperclassmen tapping into the adage “older is wiser,” we are more challenged by change of any kind. Change seems to come in threes at rapid fire pace. When we were younger and they discontinued the lipstick color we used since our Sweet Sixteen, in a simple walk through the park way, we would just find a close match. As the inflammatory stage of Pandemic is circling the drain, we emerge cautiously looking both ways before we cross the proverbial street. With less steadiness and more trepidation as time marches on we find ourselves moving more slowly. Who remembers wearing silk stockings with bold seams down the back? The fashion statement looked best when the seams were straight and balanced on both legs. Now we find merely balancing both legs our goal. The palette as we know it has changed. It’s part of the deal. We are cool with different, just not accustomed to so many new obstacles. We learn quickly bemoaning our fate zaps our energy as to be sad, is not to be productive. Just for today, let’s brush away the flies at our picnic, change the table of play if one of the players bugs the you know what out of you and look both ways perhaps more cautiously, but cross that street. Who knows you might find a lucky penny, heads up, to adorn the front of your new loafers. Make it A Great Day!

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