Gee, Dr. Fauci

Dear Kindly Dr. Fauci

You gotta understand 

We sat on pins and needles

Waited for your command

With your advice and thoughts and knowledge, for a moment we would rest

With Dr. Birx beside you, we knew we had the best

We clung to every word and followed all we could 

There was never any question if we could we would

“There is hope, there is hope

There is untapped hope

 Psychologically there is hope“

The effects of this deadly virus, no one knew its scope

We need to hear your guidance as how to act and cope

With fear and resolution

You’ll lead us to a cure
Our best intentions only
We can bank on that for sure
Gee, Dr. Fauci

We need to see your face

There is nothing less than pleading 

For your honor and your grace

Unleash the information as quickly as you can 

It’s you who we depend on you’re the Man , you’re the Man

As history has proven they will unveil a cure

Please Dr. Fauci, tell us all you know and more

“Deep down inside there is hope, there is hope we call our blessed Doctor “Pope”

Bring back dear Dr. Birx, her scarves made quite a splash

When the world gets better 

To you both we’ll raise a glass
We will laugh as we remember the illogical command
That Lysol would be the answer
With the waving of hand

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