Dr. Fauci Letter Two

Dear Kindly Dr. Fauci we’re here to check back in
We are doubling down our pleading
We really need this win
The world’s in massive chaos
Taken it’s eye off the ball
We need to get back with it
Before our continued fall
With strength and determination we need to win the race
The virus has no limit
And seems to pick on Race
The world is lost in mourning
We’re loosing our grip and fast
With your team in rapid motion, your working it en masse.
Your words backed with so much knowledge, are proving to be true
The virus will approach, the world has not a clue
“I told you so” resonated loudly, we need to take a cue
Your strength based on conviction
We need to pull us through
So again we beg you
With one knee on the ground
Please impart your knowledge of anything you’ve found.
We miss Dear Dr. Birx and all her kind support
You Aced it when it came, to choosing a cohort. We’ll write you back much sooner
As we follow our routine
As in “better safe than sorry”
We will continue our regime.

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