Hasta Luego

Greetings from “Lake Get Me Outta Here”
I am done -and officially resigning from the planet. Having a yard sale on my terrace- salt and pepper shakers, antacids and airplane playing cards in abundance. A lot of good this all did me now that I am resigning from cooking, ordering food and my addiction to swifter sweeper wet pads. Thank G-d we didn’t get sick, but I think we are shedding dust balls. Haven’t hosted a dinner, a mj or canasta game or had any drive by visitors in my living room, but the balls keep coming. The dust is outta control. It is only two of us here and sometimes one, on the days I check out and binge my way from the Ozarks to the handmaids tale girls getting the crap beaten outta them. So it is an official announcement people. If you were looking to get rid of me anyone cause like in the collateral damage category i.e. I came with the deal, no worries, adios. If you were luke in the temperature dept. you will quickly forget me. For the few peeps who held me dear and loved me, I apologize in advance. I am taking a Pasadena for today. I will see you after my one on one with Dr. Fauci. I gotta ask him how he kept a straight face, except for that one time where he laughed in his hands. I believe the picture of the Bible in the hands of the demonic despot- kicked my can out of the playing field. BH 🙏

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