Find your seat- it was meant to be!

When people are your acquaintances- the bar is lowered, whether or not the expectations are high as a kite. When family members are of acquaintance status you need to shift gear, reel back in and take a layer off cause no matter what you’re gonna sweat. Wow, so much for all your first friends. Can’t like it, don’t dig it, will never understand it. I thought it was a built in I have your back and you have mine. Ok then we move to the next room, forget the next table. We learn to put on protective gear, don’t forget a helmet. We check for spiders, boogeymen under the bed and check the yes column for false hopes. The meant to be’s kick out and you learn to expect a substitute teacher daily. Time has a way of one day propelling us forward and the meant to be’s show up with babka and hugs. Embrace the peeps who stay by choice. Expectations are overrated at any age!

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