Go, Go, Go away-come again – never!

Dear Stress-  You’ve had your way with us. We caved, gave in and took the stomach issue that was on your “shiz” list. The ravage that you create by just showing up and worming your creepy little self into us is disgusting. Just for today we got it under control. We are kinda done with the good and the bad. Bring on the good. We’ll begin with a pastrami on rye, well done fries. Dessert- a ring-ding, a yodel, a couple of yellow peeps, some red licorice and a large yoo- hoo. The only doctor we want to see at our proverbial table is Dr. Brown. He promised to be bring the diet cherry soda. Btw we’ll have a side of Beach with that. Buy the daffodils and make it a good one! Hope to see you at Rutt’s later.

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