Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Take care of something before it gets harder to. Teeth cleaned by a hygienist and skin moisturized in your 20’s and 30’s etc. Don’t fall! Follow through on projects, job searching and doctor follow ups. As a warrior of aging I learned a lot of stuff. Some good, some not. Still learning that everyone wants to be valued, not just bottom lined. People value what is real. Pay a little more attention. Use your talents. They’re real and important. They give you a head start on a leg up. Legs up are good luck.  Take advantage of peek moments. 

You get to start before the whistle blows. And Luck can never be overestimated.  Does it always work out? No! The things  on Jerry Springer are life’s hyperboles at their worst.. The things that continually warm your heart, and make you feel like you never get enough of, well… sign up for 10 years at a time. When you get the chance to experience “proud” let the buttons pop on your shirt. Feeling proud adds healthy time, and you’ll need it. Find out what you’re capable of and double down. Vast and joyful are destinations. Prop yourself up with things that add to your  physical and emotional strength. Make dinner parties, feed people and use your good China. Portion control your obsessions. And then keep doing what you are doing because Whose Life is it Anyway?

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