When You Go From miss to Mame

Old story new reality. And so the chapter unfolds where less of the same becomes the new normal. Bumps and grinds have nothing to do with Chippendales and everything to do with not falling. We step up our “careful” game and lunge our way to Happy Hour. In the absence of gruesome details, as we see it, so far so good perhaps enough. With flea markets and canasta tables expanding rapidly we hope when they call our number at The Bingo Game of life we hear it loud and clear. We won the chance to be doing what we’re doing. We don’t bemoan our fate at all and we appreciate our abilities to assess the shortest line at Publix. Blessings in disguise shoot out at rapid fire speed. And then the alarm rings for water aerobics and all of the above was just a dream disguised as a nightmare. You’re kidding,”​

​ I hear myself saying out loud – ” they have no olive cream cheese at the Bagel Place?”  One day at a time!

One thought on “When You Go From miss to Mame

  1. You hit that nail right on the head again Judy. Getting older is a ” pleasure” denied to many. We certainly are the lucky ones. Bring on the cream cheese and chives……


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