Change to 2018- same time next year!

Raw end of the stick or right end of realty? Go over there and put your excuses in the “Doesn’t hold water bucket.” It contains and I quote – I couldn’t find your number, I lost my phone, I already found a 4th , 5th or 6th for the game, I thought it was Sunday and made another plan, I over booked my week and so on. The victims club has closed membership. The numbers of people who signed up exceeded the space limit. Suck it up, man up or just confront the reality. You’re not my cup of tea, I prefer not to sit at your table, you press the wrong buttons in me. “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now. From up and down and still somehow. It’s clouds illusions I recall. I really don’t know clouds at all.” Oh, Judy Collins, both sides now, indeed. Lessons come wrapped in perfectly sealed, beautiful ribboned packages. They’re ours for the taking. Too little, too late, no worries. Once burned adages streaming in double digits. Option “Turn it off”- thank you Elder McKinley- shout out to Bettie Ann. The song from Book of Mormons. ” I got a feeling, that you could be feeling, a whole lot better than you feel today. You say you got a problem, well that’s no problem. It’s super easy not to feel that way!”

By the way next to the bucket that holds no water, there is a “forgive everyone everything line.” Your choice to stress less or deal with the mess. Let’s do it Sunday – Om shanti!

2 thoughts on “Change to 2018- same time next year!

  1. PS:you know the old saying friends are ” a reason, a season , a lifetime”Perhaps those cancellers were column A and B…. But then I am talking to the friends maven…. I would do well to take advice from YOU. M



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