“If Only in My Dreams”

Oatmeal, cottage cheese with coffee yogurt and bran, or 1/2 bagel with muenster for breakfast. Turkey with cole slaw on a wrap, a Chicken Caesar salad or an omelette with broccoli and cheddar for lunch. Dinner well, Carte Blanche to make the simplest event a happening. A regime, routine or any activity that offers stability and the sense of knowing is how we approach our days. 

The curves, the mishaps and the unexpected come at us with rapid fire speed as we boom. So we hold tight to the “predicables.”

We sat down at the round table, took our unassigned but close to where we sat before seats. The evening unfolded in pretty much the same way as it has now for the better part of three years. Hugs, catch ups, shared, “what have you been up to moments.” Treasured familiarity with the look how far we’ve come looks. One piece of difference as I saw it, was how much our Julia- ( Just Us Ladies into Aging) evenings have become the oatmeal, perhaps the chicken Caesar and with certainty the Carte Blanche choice at dinner, where the simplest of events have been embroidered into our lives as true Happenings. Make mine a double.

3 thoughts on ““If Only in My Dreams”

  1. Love this one! Just shared an evening with good friends and it is so about the comfort – History -truly the best medicine. Keep writing


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