Dream at Your Own Risk- and Just Maybe!

Dream Big! Dreams really do come true. Adages galore. When your realizations are far fetched and unlikely fill in the lines with the “l’ll take it, why not, close enough, that could work too.” First choices realized are sometimes design and luck or some metric of that equation. In the meantime, Dream Big, Huge. The songs run through us encouraging us not to give up our daydreams. In 1937 Irving Kahal penned the song “I can dream can’t I?” It sticks in our heads when the going gets tough. Often when our wishes and hopes are remote possibilities try replacing the words, ” you’re dreaming” with the “let’s do it’s.” Far fetched, out of reach and inappropriate? – Just go for it! “Let’s do it” serves as fuel for converting tangibles into realities. Gypsy had a dream, a dream about you baby, and you know what- Everything Came up Roses. How about how Gary Wright got through night by closing his eyes again and climbing aboard the dream weaver train. He left tomorrow behind, crossed the highways of fantasy. He believed the dream weaver could get him through the night. Oh yeah! I like it- let’s keep going. 

I recently ran into two friends I haven’t seen in quite awhile. Disappointing connections lost. I had a dream about one of them afterwards. It focused on a familiar scene and a shared good time. I thought about calling and just saying hi. Being proactive is a way of turning the only if’s into the perhaps and wishful thinkings. 

Give someone you love your time and plan a special day. The things you haven’t worn in years donate to a charity and make someone else’s dream come true. Flip the energy by taking your grandchild on a scary ride or through a haunted house experience. Watch them jump up and down in place with excitement and listen to the chant of the haunted house repeated all day long. Watch other’s dreams unfold and then know dreams and fairytales make the world of fun go round. As we creep closer to the big, oh so well rounded age number, let’s get it close to right. Change acronyms like AARP to “another age reaping pleasure. Sounds like a dream come true to me. We can’t go back and start a new beginning, but we can start today and have a different ending.

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