Everything’s Coming Up Rosie

When you like someone you focus on the good – not on the back tooth that is shadowed by an old silver filling. We give slack, benefit of doubts and leeway on demand, with myopic vision, when the chemistry is right. We live in an imperfect world and mea culpa’s for bad “email” decisions have redemption levels. 

Through no obligation or scales tipped we pump up, support and yes-Forgive- even that Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Donald Trump has a bar set lower in limbo like fashion in spite of himself. 

Please Halloween candy be one day old. So then we will be one day closer to getting through this charade of all time injustice. It no longer matters whether the facts are checked through every sniffle, all those grunts. Winner takes all as we live with the consequences of malpractice. And sometimes through grave error “We the People will have to cataclysmically live with the results of “We the People.” 

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