The Whole is Greater than the Sum of it’s parts.

Remember in the Hans Cristian Andersen’s fairly tales when he “wove” a story about An Emperor and His New Clothes? Well, how prophetic and exact as we move toward the front of the line to vote for 45th President of the United States- home of the Free because of the Brave. So Han’s protagonist was this well dressed despot who prided himself on his GQ style and taste in garb. Along comes two weavers who proclaimed to be the finest seamstresses in the land. They promised to deliver suits so beautifully composed and detailed, made of the finest silk. The glitch and as always with big promises in swindle like fashion was that the clothing would be invisible by anyone who was not worthy of their position, stupid or incompetent. With tunnel vision and guilty of gullibility the Emperor hired them to clothe him. The sycophants, in order to make themselves look better, pretended to see his invisible clothing. “But the Emperor has no clothes.” Really guys, more jobs, America great again, and Mexico is paying for what wall? Fast forward to the here and now. We are living through a time of make believe this isn’t happening and we are passing the hot potato. Do we tell the emperor his suit is invisible, call his bluff and appear stupid? Hans’s word not mine. Do we stick to our gun (laws) and stay true to our ethics? With a sense of urgency we discard the facade of blue chip debauchery that stinks from Maine to Spain. Only when we accept the blatant dishonor as a web of lies filled with empty promises can we call the emperor a dirty rotten scoundrel. We saw right through him all along. November 6th you can’t come soon enough. Our take way in this bridge game of real life is one (won) No Trump. “Quiet please there’s a lady on stage.”

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