Rumors Only Grow- It’s a Rap

Lin Manuel, you say it so swell- from Up in the Heights each spectacle you tell- Aaron Burr said to you, rumors only grow – one of the themes that carried the show- 

Was your legacy to plant seeds that will grow-in a beautiful garden-you will never know -So you captured Alexander, as in Hamilton the show-Washington and Jefferson and Adams quite a force -how lucky for you that you didn’t see divorce. You told of America’s beginnings tried and true- almost like you lived it cause you knew, really knew- With affect and emotion revolutionized in song – the characters kept dancing as they acted all along- two centuries ago as the garb did display,  contemporary flair carried  the message all the way- unimaginary loss brought you down to your knees – got the audience attention- silence if you please – in the legendary duel who would have thunk- the crowd left cheering 

An amazing slam dunk. 

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