The United States of Disbelief

If things aren’t working change the sequence of events- take a new course, walk on the other side of the street- shake it up. One thing begets another. Network to a different place. What comes out of an attempt is often a surprise. Now on to the change for the country. Radical has a take your foot off the gas strength. Our country is bleeding and in dire need of a metamorphous. We are in an emergent state and on the precipice of a very frightening unknown. Those in the know speak with distinctive and educated facts to back up the assumptive “what could be’s.” The future an assumption- our homeland a crumpled pile of rubble.

Our choices come down to if we have to. How did this spin out of control to the point of being untrue to ourselves?

One big piece of our persona was what political party rang most true for us. How we voted was in accordance with those beliefs. Now we are fractured as a whole and severely compromised in spirit. As Americans choices are our right and our distinctive privilege. We know democracy and the sigh like freedom it offers. Rewind- we would walk up to the voting booth, close the curtain and felt with certainty we were contributing and being true to our beliefs. Our hope was that the bowling ball sped right down the middle for a 10 pin knock-out. Our duty as citizens is to have our vote count in favor of our creed. We carry our fundamental points and beliefs and follow through.

One of our cherished activities is planting our terrace with our grandsons. The flowers and veggies stream our traditions with continuity- a family project we all love.

On Sunday one of the kids asked if we could grow a tree this year. The answer was a resounding Yes. We said as long as it is size appropriate for the space we have. His answer, “well can’t it be a big tree like at the park.” Oh my sweet boy- for you and your generation the sky is the limit. At least so we thought with unbridled certainty until…we walk up to the voting booth ,close the curtain and understand for the the very first time that our Free World now carries a tariff bigger than our emotional pocketbooks can afford. “For which it stands.”

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