Vodkas and Latkas

Finding Nemo- coming soon to a theater near you. You had us at Fish Tanks. Our early fascination with the fish tank in the dentist’s office was only surpassed by the candy dish close by.Do dentists promote cavities all along  with that dish? In case you haven’t seen Finding Nemo, in the really, are we watching this again times, catch it. Daddy, son, divers, water adventures and scary lost moments all in one. Fast forward to the part where Marlin (daddy) and Nemo(son) are reunited. The audible sighs, at that split second, echo in our minds. A spin on the primordial announcements over the P.A. system in E.J. Korvettes, the all purpose store of our youth. It went something like this. “Attention shoppers, we have a blond haired, blue eyed child here- he is crying and can’t find his mommy.” Are you kidding, can you believe, that Nemo broke away from his school of fish and got lost? The relief on the kids faces as Marlin’s journey to rescue his son is realized. Anything short of “those” people who strapped a pet like leash to their kids waists and led them around – the real nightmare. How many times have we said on a museum journey- “if you don’t see our eyeballs you are too far away.” Lost kid, lost never-minds. 

We miss the Howdy Doody(not bathroom language then) days. How about Bozo the Clown and the Captain Kangaroo shows- what was really in the Captain’s oversized pockets? How many times did we ask our parents- is the dummy really talking as we watched Jerry Mahoney upon Paul Winchell’s knee. Who was really the dummy? Knucklehead Smiff love that name still. The only one not fascinated by Charlie McCarthy was undoubtedly Candice Bergen. I’d be remiss in not recalling Pachalafaka- hello Soupy Sales- you freak.

So as we spring ahead with no falling back excuses, let’s relish watching grandchildren blow out every single candle on their birthday cake. Look forward to seeing the July 2016 release of Finding Nemo. So just for today why not enjoy a good emoji or charming hashtag. Try putting melancholy on the back burner next to the chilin. Somehow the lyric that’s it’s a recipe, the music it’s not a blueprint has a beat that you can dance to. Remember Dick Clark lived in perpetuity.

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