On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Nothing worse than disrespect – not returning emails or calls. Who the hell… However, it’s two sided. The fragrance of arrogance – diaper pail-esque. This is where older is better- vanity is replaced with sanity. I am who I am and if you don’t like well…See theater for the actors you like. Go to events only if you are welcomed, honored to be invited or have to. Appropriate your giving – not to get back but to be received. Un-friend someone you don’t appreciate following- we are all addicts- one or 12 steps away from each other. Spend time sleeping off and on. Nothing better than a lazy afternoon -with or without a grandchild under the covers with an iPad and the “on demand” remote. 

Esoteric- intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Come on guys it’s me.

Want to know how quickly 10 yrs. and 7 months go by. Look up, yes up, at a grandchild you met on Day One. Treat him liked the baby you fell in love with at first sight- and tell him when he squiggles – you just can’t stop hugging him. Eat less salt! Really that is a biggie. Google primatologist and ask him about salt. Stop trying to get away with not exercising, not reading. Luck only lasts for so long disguised as a warning. And- for heaven’s sake don’t play a victim. Wears thin, quickly. Although u may find a club who also live the inadequacies and thrive on crappy stories. Snarky is putting it mildly.

Don’t be limited by impoverished dimensions of you imagination. Do more of what you are good at. Get tickets for Hamilton- and have Netflix as a back up if cable goes out! Mozart and I quote – I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise and blame. I simply follow my own feelings.

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