It’s a Rap- Wrap

Janis Ian Beauty Queen, Stay away from the girl that’s mean

Your music gathered great success

Helped the rest of us through the mess

When you see yourself for who you are

And your friend’s blow kisses from a far

Just know the kids of now a day

Have much to get thru to see their way

Collect the memories 

Label them fun

Get it going, become number Won

Smell flowers, drink wine

Pay it forward and then

Look around and make sure you do it again

Here’s looking toward Tuesday 

Don’t wait to begin

You’ll be thankful and grateful

You got your vote in

I’m writing and rapping

Getting ready to play, the score to Hamilton

It will show me the way

With tickets in hand 

Of how our country began

O’ say can you see

And pledge allegiance to thee! 


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