Hopes and Dreams Dept.

What a gorgeous and glorious day all in one.- Each grouping of valued guests intertwined and became Team Bella- the coalition of love, formidable. The emotions were palpable, albeit played out casually and precious. The smoke from the peace pipe shrouded the room like a high in the sky cloud with no threat of disappearing. We all will know this baby, soon to arrive, in a distinctive and personal way.Yes, the day was to pre-welcome Bella Sophia into our wonderful world, in her time. I can only imagine she’s in no rush as my niece is a 24 yr. old Trauma Nurse at a volumed Westchester Medical Center. Her daughter to-be has been observing her Mom in full swing, at full expression for nine months. 

My niece is emotionally well seeded. She shines and sparkles and it began as an inside job. My gyroscopic view of her exemplary qualities fall into the “wows and the aw’s” with the entire population along her path. She always had the goods. We suspected that sequestered in her deep and wide dimples was her secret potion. Her thank you notes were charming, her knees jerk hugs filled with generosity. I always knew her shy-like requests for help with homework, was more a reach out to bond than a need for assistance. Through quiet observation she blended her talent and personality and wove her “expression” into a style everyone on Shark Tank is offering to take stock in. 

My laudatory expose of my baby niece perhaps biased through genetics maybe one percent. She brings out the winner in all of us. Her patients have to believe if they can be saved they will be. Yes, it’s that important a gig.

Then one day the man she loves came along. I can only imagine he, like those who cried at her Bat Mitzvah had a glimpse that her obvious beauty had so much more to it.

And Now on to Robo- the girl in Lesley’s autograph “Granny to be- Soulmate Lesley.” Well baby sister at the helm, progenitor of Nurse Jackie- get out your tissues, pour another cup of coffee, take a bow, then take another. Run on sentences of platitudes would only touch the honor you deserve. Soph did the treadmill and on the cool down this is what she listened to – Hit it Barry! 

“I made it through the rain/ I kept my world protected/ I made it through the rain /I kept my point of view- And found myself respected. By the others who- Got rained on too- and made it through! 

Dear Mickey, she watched you turn the pages as you read the paper- she followed. You always had your hands on her back and covered her heart with your being. Get ready grandpa- she got you a ticket for the rollercoaster. When you get to the top and you see a little girl waving strong know that your baby had a baby who thinks your one swell guy too! 


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