Lost and Found Dept.

“He kept his distance as a way of avoiding “propinquity.” A word I have looked up at least 20 times since I first came upon it many years ago. An immediate definition is closeness.The best example of the word is the mannerisms of siblings. The similarity in how they they gesticulate (gestures, often dramatic ones.) Sometimes represented in their tone of voice or obvious in their gait. The “I can’t believe you are a fan of fluffer- nutters too,” and all the “a ha” moments of recognition– love love!! I am fascinated with stories of siblings and insidious similarities revealed in time. I just listened to a well worthwhile study on the “happiest of people.” It was done at Harvard. It tracked the lives of several men spanning a 60 year or so period of time. It was sent to me by a new acquaintance who I relate to on several levels and enjoy learning about how much we see eye to eye. We connect thru humor and make each other laugh. I’ll second that emotion. Shout out to RG.

The key points in the study reveal and emphasis the necessity of social interaction. The happiest of people in this study stay connected, create connections and maximize time well spent. Avoid “Loneliness” at any cost. Easy for you to say. Alone is not always lonely, unless someone points it out as something overdone. 

Replace workmates for playmates. Learn a new social skill set and share it often. Join a book club, learn tennis ( if your knees can bear it) go to concerts, shows, movies lectures with others. 

Obvious for sure, the reality of benefit often underestimated. As time goes by, hopefully we learn there are no magic bullets. Sweat equity pans out as the quickest way to the finish line. We stand on the line that says “carry on bags only.” We proudly hold up the well deserved sign “No fixer uppers wanted.” 

Last night in smoozing over our game of play- my new BFF took out a little white button that one of the women inadvertently left at her place. She handed it to her and when it feel out of her hand and onto another kitchen floor I thought this button is the message in the madness. My take away is that you can try your best to hold on to people, places and things for only so long. The “meant to be’s,” in the continuance of time, are the gifts. We unwrap them deliberately slowly, in an attempt to embellish and embrace life’s treasures. That button left on yet another floor represents to me the not wanting to let go of the moments of shared games, shared brisket sandwiches and the dorm like manner as “we”walk to our next Happy Place. Wednesday let’s Rock it! 


3 thoughts on “Lost and Found Dept.

  1. I think this is one of your best. Since I just shared time with a sibling (not mine) the similarities are astounding. Same household -same message sent – Keep going girlfriend -You’re not getting older just getting better and wiser!!! Lin


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