What I Learned When I Thawed Out! 

I’m sick of winter- and who cares about Charlie Sheen? Is too much binge watching bad for you? Even if it’s House of Cards and Billions? And –one perfect thing is the love between a grandparent and their grandchildren. The fun is FUN- the benefit of those hugs for both way beyond belief or medical explanation- Do we really want to live without all the foods and mustards that cause acid reflux? Be You– that’s the only thing that matters. Unload the nonsense. It’s quiet at rush hour does tomorrow’s primary portend to trouble? So what’s the deal with biscotti? Who wants to break a tooth for another cookie? Walk out of movies that stink – especially if it’s ur picture show. If a Melissa McCarthy movie isn’t funny it’s because she isn’t. Sunsets are glorious and the right before it’s going to rain moments are stirring and thought provoking. Non sequiturs are hard to follow unless you’re on the same wave length. Julia Roberts looks the best she ever looked in Pretty Woman. Always choose sugar over saccharin products. Deal with the extra intake. Find what you are good at and do it a lot. Mix in incandescence, stir up a little trouble and twirl your own baton.   

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