“As We Travel On”

With strength and honor you set the stage- you forge ahead and turn the page.You shop for knowledge with recipe in hand 

Your style for dealing with a story not planned

“Get off the couch” you scream one and all

The benevolent despot, at your beckoned call

You have no patience when your words go a wry

You say it louder, give it one more try

Your fate unfolded no script, no plan 

You stand oh so tall, right next to your man

You’re brave when needed

Keeping the fire alive

Another opportunity to do and to strive 

I admire your candor

I take pride in your charm 

And now my dear friend I’m extending my arm 

Through this you’ll get

There’s no doubt in my mind

When determined and focused

You’re one of a kind

The troops all gathered from far and from near

For you darling Linda 

We’re Raising the chair.
                               Ode to our Friend
Reboot and fix the bugs, get your biggest asset back in gear- you hold so many people in your heart, with tender care. Your arms equipped for hugging, your eyes have seen so much- You look, you see u wander, your reach so full of touch. For summer, you’ll be ready to photo shop us all- perhaps with “brand” new pieces you’ll have a “brand” new call. .As you navigate life’s albums please include our great big kiss. For we know our Tiger Weiller will surely sail through this. 


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