How Long Has This Been Going On?

Took flight from the law- The lead story this morning about the Jet Blue Stewardess who was caught smuggling cocaine in her roll on luggage was shall I say eye-raising. 

Hey guys, what happened to my hard to find shampoo samples and my small bottle of liquid Chanel face make-up you confiscated a few years back? Was this the first time she did this? Was there a slip up in “the cut” some of her cohorts were getting? Well it took the focus off who has a prettier wife in the resume of candidates. 

In 1997 Quentin Tarantino had a hit movie called Jackie Brown. I loved it, bought it and played it over and over again on my Betamax until the tape got tangled. Pam Grier played the lead character, a flight stewardess who smuggled money for her arms dealer boss, (Ordell Robbie), played by Samuel Jackson. Indeed she gets caught. The fiction plays out with her trying to enlist her bondsman Max Cherry (Robert Forster) who happens to fall in love with her, to help her make off with the money.

Life imitating art. Quentin and his askew insight into the deranged side of human behavior directed this one brilliantly. 

When will someone say “Uncle?” At what point will the state of this world in which we are living demand the proper attention for one and all. How much longer can this miasmic like state of disbelief continue?

The stewardess got caught, but at one point in her scam? The candidates mudslinging is now below the belt, after months on end of repetition. I always believed playing by the rules was the means to a successful end. When will our “United” States of America use laser beam intensity and pull the plug? How much more of this outlandish charade and abusive treatment can possibly be allowed?The loud and strong message is ear drum shattering. 

Everybody knows the trouble we see. How often do we turn off the news only to turn it back on where we left off?

Our country is in a state of mass destruction and reaching prodigious proportions.

The future looks bleaker as November gets closer. How is this possible that our choice for leader is like a blocked artery? At least there is a method of repair with that kind of blockage. When will someone insert a baloon, clear out the plaque and announce an independent party run? Bloomberg- can you hear me now? 


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