I Love Lucy and She Loves Me!

The Arnaz’s – are they more Lucy and Ricky or Ricky and Lucy? How bout the Kramden’s, Ralph and Alice, determined and stubborn or accommodating and reliable. Those were the shows we grew up on. We watched sassy and funny, deliberate and over the top. A little Morey Amsterdam slap-sticky. The Rob and Laura’s and the Ozzie and Harriet’s were like our parents friends that they played Canasta and had coffee and ….with. The years of rabbit ears and “no you get up and change the channel.” So maybe Peggy Lee had it right.”Is that all there is my friend? If that’s all there is then let’s keep dancing.” Reliable, although ultimately a goal when assessing the “what matters most in life, “offers an initial feeling of let me experiment my way to the “reliables.” .And I quote- Be honest with yourself about what success really means to you and about what’s truly important in your life. You may find that it is already much closer than you think. Ruben Chavez.With a healthy provocateur by our side hopefully we come to understand that “making things work” is optimum for success. Not necessarily resignation, but rather a focus on the benefit of making peace with what feels better than not. Where we want to be at the end of conversations.

 Go for a walk around the block by yourself, take your inventory and Mia culpa your way to one big break. Love the things you love with more intensity, reduce your self grandiosity and embrace the wisdom you’ve achieved not when you got up, but when you were reaching there. 

So for Lucy and Ricky, his next gig as a bandleader with a baby or two thrown into the mix was what they were looking for. The cherry on top was their sit downs wth Ethel and Fred on a luxurious vacation to Beverly Hills. Live life not as the hall closet that stores coats and umbrellas, but the walk-in in the master bedroom where the gowns and lace scarves luxuriate in their space. So Peggy, if that’s all there is, i’ll take a double.img_2929

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