Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

And William Greenberg – Hammentaschen for dessert. With comfort food on my mind at 7:49 Saturday morning I look at this two ways. First, we are home one week, which feels like one month and my daily routines are just kicking in. Second thought is that my PTSD- (post traumatic stress disorder) as we are facing placement decisions is wearing off. And I quote- Home is where the heart is, hang your hat and stay for awhile. “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones- the ones at home.” Mother Teresa. As we prep our terrace for spring and continue 

planting our “roots” at home I am even more grounded in my belief that there is “No Place Like Home.” The way it looks at night, the smells thru the kitchen door and the recuperative power of my bed, my remote and my morning coffee in no particular order are the things I long for. 

I am now mired in the “carry me over the threshold into a new phase of life.”

I know that the four walls that define me now have very little to do with location and everything to do with mindset. What about the mind and the heart catching up? What’s so wrong with staying put? We add and subtract on a daily basis as our priorities shift. We alter our equations of activity and hope for vitality. 

We buy new vegetables and bake an apple pie. We go about our daily routines and know that New York is our kinda town. As long as life keeps offering you the three for a dollar kinds of deals- take them. Only stir the pot when you’re making chili for your favorite Sunday game. Have some hamburger sliders, big bowl of pasta and your drink of choice. Celebrate “everything”

 until further notice. Try living the -go with the flow deals -that were impossible in your youth when format and construction were optimum. As long as love wears a smile, we’re up with the roosters and we stop for that overdue massage- Let’s proclaim everyday our own private holiday. And now Ella sing to me your version of Blue Skies.

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