How to Win Friend’s and Influence People

“Understand people’s anxiety- Always have a suntan-” Aristotle Onassis- Dale Carnegie just “Got it!” Simple, kind and ever so real. He won friends’s and influenced people he never met. His book has staying power like the Daily News, Al Roker and Facebook as a daily read. In the absence of gossip, no pictures of grandchildren (your honor I am guilty), and long before the “if you don’t forward this email to 10 people you won’t win the lottery” his ideas prevail. The words and suggestions he offers outlive any self-help guide I’ve ever read. Possibly the prototype for all The Chicken Soup for the Soul publications. Helen Gurley Brown told it like it was through red lipstick and panty hose and we listened- well maybe some of the time. We peaked at Dr. Ruth and her idea of the perfect orgasm. I watched, I must confess, early on when Phil Donahue had Jean Nidetch (founder of Weight Watchers) talk about how an extra apple each day could help us loose lbs. but–Oh Dale, how your words resonated loud and clear upon first read and today when I need a reminder or two. That unpleasant look I got from so and so the other day had everything to do with her and very little to do with me. People project their feelings and own bias when their defending the one side of the story they didn’t hear. So the coming attraction as I see it is Dale Carnegie for Presidential advisor. His first lesson would be on winning where it counts the most. In my life, and getting up there is high up on my list daily, I have never heard such blasphemy dished out daily and thrown across our television screen. This morning we heard the candidates are up to wife bashing. 

So who doesn’t have a “quiet something” they don’t want revealed? But seriously, how much more do we as people united have to bare before someone pulls the plug, screams out Kidding or a lunatic with a weapon pulls the trigger? I long for the days of my youth when playing stick ball and hopscotch in the street were after dinner activities. With a sense of delight I remember the smell of a brand new pink Spalding as though it were yesterday. I miss my days of playing Jacks, designing on my Etch a Sketch, and sharing made up stories of how it will be when Barbie marries Ken. One guilty pleasure I recall was chewing double bubble (not knowing I was helping my dentist enjoy his summer home with each bubble that landed smack across my face.) Oh the 60’s where art thou now? Our country is bleeding out of control. The lessons the candidates are imparting to the children of our nation are emotionally brutal. No it’s not ok to bad mouth anyone’s wife. Please do not speak to anyone in that tone of voice. Don’t look when someone’s pants are down figuratively. And by the way, if your invited to a friend’s home for dinner and they serve your least favorite dish, it’s one meal, you’re a guest, eat it anyway. With luck the dog will be lingering around your feet throughout the meal. Dale,  come out, come out wherever you are!


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