Shall We Dance?

“What it’s liked to be loved by you? I will love being loved by you.” The King and I ultimately centers around the love between Anna and the King of Siam. The score by Rodgers and Hammerstein offers sing out loud words that “whistle a happy tune.” The children play a pivotal role in getting the grown-ups to see eye to eye. Isn’t that the case so often with the “out of the mouth of babes,” concept. The unfiltered, knee jerk reactions, the know no limits behaviors offer so much clarity laced with wisdom. Kids tell it like it is. They don’t need to be asked to “tell.” The uncensored beauty of raw emotion is priceless. How special that shame, bias and restraint does not kick in readily in the emotional growth process. Silly, strong and ever so determined to claim an identity to call their own is how they roll. Bathroom humor becomes hysterical, the word “no” seems impenetrable and the words “yes you can pick two toys,”the wonder of wonder. With complexity and simplicity they approach the world. As the grown up observer of a whole lot of kids growing and growing and growing at record speed I am privileged to be watching the process from the left side of the front row. Leslie Stahl’s new book is called “Becoming Grandma”. -The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting. She will be interviewed at the 92Y this month to tell how this book came about. And I quote- she was hit with a jolt of joy so intense and unexpected, she wanted to “investigate” it- as though it were a news flash. She researched and met with scientists and behavioral therapists to help understand the physiological and therapeutic effects grandchildren have on grandmothers and grandfathers. 

Just writing these words gets my hearts racing. I am charged thinking about reading it. I can’t wait to hear her speak through interview about her feelings. I am in the know on this part of life. We don’t get it all for sure. When opportunity knocked I used my ironclad fist to beat down the barriers of being left out this time. My profound realization of the medicinal effect of hearing how much someone misses me, how they can’t wait to tell me that their next sleepover is this week-end, and when their eyes meet mine and we know, we just know this time together is second to none. There is unexpected Joy knowing that there is no course or preparation to be had for this ride of a lifetime. No prior experience needed. The heart to heart -(more Aunt G words) is the way to go a when your offered this gift. With the rush of adrenal I hit the ground running. I buy their favorite foods, I take out the art supplies and I wait to say ” who’s here” as they come running thru the door with a direct path to my Heart. I’m left wondering who has the upper hand in this joint tutelage deal? And so I always knew my favorite take away song from The King and I had deeper meaning as it’s always been “Something Wonderful.” 


5 thoughts on “Shall We Dance?

  1. Are you aware that Gingerโ€™s grandmother is Margaret Landon, author of Anna & the King of Siam โ€”โ€”The King and I? Fred >


  2. This is great! Can’t wait to feel this way! You’re so lucky, blessed!๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜˜


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