Home Sweet Home

“New York is where I’d rather stayI get allergic smelling hay

I just adore a penthouse view

Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue”

Lyrics from the Green Acres sitcom- 60’s-70’s.

The best part of every vacation is the view of the Empire State Bldg. on the drive home from the airport. Happy away, happier home. Quite a typical response as I hear about many holidays away. I’ve viewed friend’s glorious vacation details unfold through photo albums. Volumes of unusual foliage, magnificent https://arosebyanyothername2016.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/img_2872.jpglandmarks and astounding views of The Grand Canyon from the plane just to name a few. I have had my own breathtaking revery runs down mountains where seeing forever is the mainstay. Numerous walks through the streets of Italy and Paris looking for the best brioche and cappuccino spots. I’ve experienced the isolated glory of watching Leonard Bernstein conduct at the Vienna Orchestra one Sunday back in the 80’s. My memories are etched in the blessing dept. of my brain. And—then the welcoming smell of the street that houses my “bed.” The first night sleep at home is a popular item on top 10 lists everywhere. We go through weeks of mail, unbox our knowing Chinese Dinner and open our suitcases. The television goes on and we inhale the good. My everyday view of the world, my own backyard.
Being away worked to our advantage this time around. We found a pace and got our mojo in a place we will visit again. We look forward to exchanging the snow with sun and sand. On the precipice of change, a tightrope walk for sure, we realize that we can layer life, call New York home and still beach chair it through our grandparent years. I’ll take Breakfast in my own bed for 1000 please.

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