A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

Weather pristine, friends break “pita chips over lunch, gather round the mah jongg campfire- add a friend from high school and three more from the heart of home and a recipe of success is cooking. The night follows the theme of the day. Dinner with dear friends, Tina fey’s latest movie through which a well deserved nap is grabbed, add a pinch of popcorn and we’re on our way. With a drink after the movies at our friend’s happy home we leave feeling the day drip through us like a Vit C cocktail. We drive 5 minutes and we are home ONLY to find we left the colloquial stew on the stove too long. With our keys inside we are “locked out.” A recipe for disaster or another inconvenience to push through. My grandmother’s advice was to “push it away mamala” when adversity dialed my number. So I dug down deep to the bottom of my soul and I tried. Hello 24/7 locksmith can you help me out? I am on a journey of discovery and I need a push to get there. As I see it I am no longer going to the butcher for flowers. I am starring down life ” in your face”- being thankful I didn’t get closed out of the mah Jong game. Let’s do it Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

  1. The day was absolutely wonderful and your evening sounds like it was equally great! Just wipe the very end of the evening from your memory and remember the rest of the beautiful day & night.


  2. Almost every morning a new delight!! Waking up knowing Arosebyanothername is waiting in my inbox. Thank you & Love your poetry my dear friend xoxoxxo


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