Friend’s in Their Place’s

“Tomorrow May Rain So I’ll follow the Sun” -The Beatles 1964. Al Bundy the protagonist in the series Married with Children- was a misanthropic, father of two, who loved his Beer, sold women’s shoes and said it like it is. He basically lived to hate the life he loved. Telling for sure. Some of his flippant commentary on life, although cased in harsh, non-discretionary allegories, ring true to my core. My favorite of his lines was and I quote- I found out in life you can’t live in the past, or the present or the future. I’m not going to dig too deep, I’ll do what I can.

As in any new endeavor the embryonic stage is emotionally provocative with different challenges at the starting line. First day of school, ride on the bus to camp and now adult winter camp. After a panoply of several near misses we get back on the bus and take another look around. Now as weariness is the new component I have added to my timeline I try to blend the “I don’t know what hit me’s with the I finally get it’s. So I cha cha my way to where I want to be and I raise my hand when I know the answers to the questions. My confidence and growth is the Al Bundy in me, “I’ll do what I can.”

I’ve shown up, grown up and feel there is another hard lesson to learn.

I try to dismiss anything but the winning numbers. I know enough to know I will never know enough. I revel in the belief I’ve earned in myself. With less pomposity and more certainty I see I may not get to sit at every table I want, but I will get a seat. I sigh a huge sense of relief when I realize the remuneration for the extra wrinkle on my face (which I see and don’t feel), the near misses and my tragedies which have surfaced due to wrong choices is, that my real friendship’s have helped me laugh a little louder, cry a little softer and they truly know they have a friend in me. An old Girl Scout line comes to mind. ” Make new friends but keep the old some are silver and the other’s are gold. ” Here, here – let’s go ladies and “Follow the Sun.”

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