Don’t Come Late to The Party

When you’re spending time in a “camp”for grown-ups the days pass quickly and the seasons even quicker. When early bird specials don’t only pertain to what time dinner hour is, your understanding of the passing of time comes into play differently. Days become jam packed and weeks even busier. With your juices flowing and your energy level in third gear you hit the ground running. You couple grander expectations with bated breath and plunge into a higher level of activity. Is it that our physics have changed, causing our motivation to become more rapid, or is this all a tissue of guess work? Perhaps it’s the awareness of time being delivered like the daily paper or the knowledge that the unknowns come with rapid fire frequency? What actually kicks our butts to get busy? Warm weather offers the summer break kind of feel of our yesterday’s. With luck we appreciate that our yesterday’s are to be cherished and our tomorrow’s even more so. There we are another chance to carve out my pumpkin with a Happy Face.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Come Late to The Party

  1. You are getting it. Florida seems good for you. Is it? Who taught you how to write? Xo. G

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  2. So true, so well said! If we get tonthis stage in life and we have the inclination and energy to “kick things up a nitch”, we are blessed!🙏🏻


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