Eau de Beach

Oh! beach, why art thou so peaceful? Sun and sand between my toes, sounds of the water rolling toward the the shore ringing in my ears Nama-stay. The sun beating down, piercing thru my #30 sunblock and zinc oxide, which has replaced my baby oil and iodine combo is so medicinal and healing. I wait for the beads of sweat to gather upon my upper lip and I know I am about to recapitulate another warm memory of my long ago’s and far aways. I arrange my chair and settle into the luxury of a new beach towel. Do you believe in magic or rides that never end? My book in hand, my ear plugs placed properly and my dreams of summer enter the forefront of my mind. My cold drink is sequestered deep in my bag, an old trick I have come to realize doesn’t preserve the coolness, but makes me happy none the less. I put on my visor which now replaces the old floppy hat I wore during my coconut oil days and away I go. I look up only to realize we are still looking for a place to park. All of this captured in my imagination. I think I’ll make it a beach day Great!

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